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The vaccination of badgers, as yet, is an unproven method of preventing badgers from succumbing to the disease - bovine TB. That said, there are various projects ongoing around the UK, particularly in Wales, to both use and prove the efficacy of the vaccine, which is a human form of the BCG vaccine that we use. As of June 2013, there are no results available to use as a measure of the efficacy, suffice to say that work is "ongoing".


Vaccination of badgers is likely to increase over the coming months and years in a bid to arrest the increase in bovine TB in both badgers and cattle. More and more establishments see the use of this vaccine as the only way forward until a cattle vaccine is produced over the next 10 years or so.  NOTE:  due to the shortage of available vaccine, the trials have been suspended in various areas.



The delivery of a vaccination is expensive. The rules and regulations covering both the use and delivery of it are extensive and add tremendously to the overall costs. Training, licensing,  equipment, staff, cages, the vaccine itself, vehicles and a plethora of other overheads all add up. In Wales, the cost per badger has been quoted as over £640 per badger, so any scheme that is undertaken really has to consider ALL of the cost implications before commencing with it.


I have access to fully trained and licenced staff to facilitate the delivery of a badger vaccine. Please feel free to make contact with me to discuss the possibilities of supplying you with a full and reliable service. Click on this link for more information>>>


Costs clearly are the major stumbling block for large scale vaccination programmes. The size and scale of an area to be covered need to fully assessed before any reliable costing can be made. An accurate quote is likely to take some time to process and "ball park" estimates are not available at short notice.

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