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Badger Consultants & Expert Witness Providers



Badgers are TOTALLY protected under Law and the Protection of Badgers Act 1992 (POBA 1992)  makes it a criminal offence to interfere with a badger sett indicating signs of "current use"  be it deliberate or accidental.  In the eyes of the Law "Intent"  cannot be used in your defence, no matter how innocent your action(s) may have been.This is where my expertise comes in. I can undertake badger surveys on a full premise or a sett by sett basis, providing a full written report of our findings. I have an excellent understanding of the POBA 1992,  how the Natural England guidlines are both applied to it and interpreted, and this, coupled with over 25 years of studying and working with badgers, enables me to give you the best possible advice on how to handle your case.


Court cases arising from illegal tampering with a badger sett are on the increase. To be found guilty of such an offence can result in a criminal record, a £5,000 fine or 6 months in gaol ! I undertake work for both prosecution and defence and firmly believe that, in the interest of justice, everybody is entitled to representation when it involves allegations relating to tampering with badger setts, especially as the law is so complex and can be interpreted in so many different ways. I do have one exception to this rule - I do not provide defence evidence where badger baiting is involved. I find it abhorent.


Assessing sett activity or sett status requires an expert and that is where my skills come to the fore. Using my 25 years of expertise, I am available to facilitate accurate assessments of both sett activity and sett status, providing you with a comprehensive written report, video and photographic records of my findings.  Should you find yourself in a position whereby you require defence expert evidence, please feel free to give me a call for an informal chat before deciding whether or not to use my service - I DON'T charge anything for a chat !


I am able to review evidence and advise a way forward, ensuring that every avenue is explored in order to gain the best possible outcome. Call me to discuss your specific case and let us tell you what I can do to help you.

Badgers and the Courts.......

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