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Badger Consultants & Expert Witness Providers



I use my 25 years of practical knowledge and experience to act as Expert Witness provider to the Courts. Expert Witnesses are often called upon to supply unbiased information to a Court in order for the Judge to be able to use the information supplied to gain a deeper and more insightful understanding of the case being heard. The duties and obligations of an Expert Witness are first and foremost to the Court. That may sound strange, but it IS the way the justice Expert Witness system operates. I am very familiar with the way business is carried out in our Courts and am able to manoeuvre my way around them professionally & assuredly. To date, I have successfully been involved defending clients in the Magistrates Court and in  Appeal cases in the Crown Court.


Should you find yourself in a situation whereby you require expert advice and guidance on badger related matters, please feel free to make contact for an informal chat before progressing things. I don't charge anything for a chat, so pick up the phone and call me before you are faced with what can be a legal minefield.


My services cover the following areas:

a.   Field surveys and full written report and recommendations prepared to the required legal standard and in the format required for defence work.

b.  Reading, understanding and dissecting any evidence against you and recommending and documenting any possible defence evidence.

c.  A full video and photographic record of evidence as part of the service.


I have an excellent understanding of the Protection of Badgers Act 1992 and the guidance issued by Natural England as to how it might be interpreted. The Act is not specific in many areas and it is up to the Courts to determine whether or not any potential crime falls within the guidelines provided. Without expert witness support, that can be very daunting. Let me provide you with the detail you require to enable you to defend any potential case you may be involved with.

Expert Witness Services

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